Halis Cebi, The Chairman, President and C.E.O. has premiered his legacy of iron and steel industry in Karabuk, a city of North Turkey on the Black Sea, where he built the first Rolling Mill in 1964. His entrepreneurial spirit and overwhelming consciousness to expand amid growing in 1979 has prominently fomented his career by a second contemporary Rolling Mill in Gebze in order to increase his share in the sector and to make a contribution to the development of the iron and steel sector in Turkey.

In 1986, to adverse effects on the continuity of the production, meet the raw material needs and make an important breakthrough in the sector, ÇEBİTAŞ DEMİR ÇELİK ENDÜSTRİSİ A.Ş decided to make an investment in Aliağa/İzmir by starting operation of an Iron and Steel integrated plant. In 1989, ÇEBİTAŞ started to produce steel billets with a complete Steel plant by Swedish technology.

Seeing the productivity and economy of the integrated plants, ÇEBİTAŞ started production in the rolling mill unit that was modernized with the ABB Technology bought from France. After this process, the rolling mill plant increased its capacity to 120 tons/h with the Italian technology furnace ‘Forni e Combustione’ in 2009.

Our company is one of the 100 largest companies in Turkey. It has export markets in many countries in South America, North America, Europe and Africa and especially concentrated on the Far Eastern and Middle Eastern countries.