Quality Management

- Quality is the principle requirement for all our products.

- Our products shall be manufactured in accordance with national and international quality standards.

- To meet our customers’ demands both before and after sales is our priority.

- All our employees are responsible for quality, regardless of their duties and authorities. Performing of work in a correct manner at first shall be ensured.

- All employees are the most important resource of our company.

- Training shall be provided to increase competence, efficiency and creativity of our employees and to ensure their continual development; participation of our employees to such training shall be ensured.

- An awareness of quality, environment and occupational health and safety shall be raised at every level.

- Relationships with suitable suppliers shall be strengthened, works with respect to their selection, monitoring and supervision shall be conducted.

- Awareness of all employees, contractors and suppliers in terms of Environment and Occupational Health and Safety shall be increased.

- Compliance of all actions with applicable laws of Republic of Turkey, International regulations and other requirements, shall be ensured.

-Shall ensure efficient usage of resources.

- Shall maintain the amount of waste under control, to prevent pollution arising from the activities.

- Shall maintain the amount of waste under control, to prevent pollution arising from the activities.

- Shall carry out necessary corrective and preventive actions to prevent accidents and occupational illnesses, and shall encourage realization of resource utilization. - Our Integrated Management System shall comply with ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety standards; its suitability and efficiency shall be audited on a periodic basis; technological developments shall be monitored and our process technology shall be updated accordingly. A CONTINUAL DEVELOPMENT shall be provided at CEBITAS DEMIR CELIK END. A.S.