Rolling Mill Unit

Having started its production in the year 1994, our rolling mill unit has a modern natural-gas-fired forge with 120 tons/hour capacity and moving beams.

The billet that goes out of the forge is rolled on 19 rolling presses in the preparation and finish rolling mill group, taking its last form as construction deformed bars on the finishing bench.

Deformed bars coming out of the last rolling press are sent to the cooling platform.

ÇEBİTAŞ rolling mill unit has four, three and two strand slitting systems with different diameters.

ÇEBİTAŞ produces weldable construction deformed bars with increased strength by means of quenching system as required by the international standards and upon the requests of the customers.

Our products are stocked up according to the diameters and customer orders and stored in indoor areas, ready for shipment.