Environmental Management


The purpose: Determining the responsibilities stated in the environmental law numbered 2872 and the regulations issued in connection with this law and ensuring the implementation of these in the operation.

The targets: Carrying out activities aimed at reducing the consumption of resources/energy, increasing the productivity in the business activities by ensuring progress in recycling, re-use and minimizing the damage on the environment by minimizing the amount of the generated waste in the world of today, where the natural sources are depleting fast and the environmental problems get worse. In addition to this, we comply with the sustainable environmental strategies and ensure the usage of renewable resources.

Scope: Carrying out and coordinating environmental management activities in compliance with the legislation
  • Using the natural resources responsibly and sparingly
  • Protecting the non-renewable resources
  • Ensuring energy saving
  • Using environmentally friendly products
  • Using recyclable materials
  • Using environmentally friendly technologies
  • Being prepared for accidents and remedying the damaged nature
  • Giving support for the development of acceptable ecologist inspection methods and preparing necessary reports

The activities to be carried out starting from the generation of the wastes in our premises until their final disposal:
  • Preventing the direct or indirect release of these wastes to the environment in a way that is damaging to the human health and the environment,
  • Ensuring the control of the production and transfer,
  • Meeting the necessary technical and administrational standards in the management of wastes,
  • Minimizing the waste generation in its source
  • Disposing the waste closest to the location of generation, if existence of inevitable waste.

Declaring the required technical basics to determine related principles, policies and standards including the generation, collection, temporary storage, transfer, recovery, disposal, precautions to be taken and the legal and fundamental principles. Health and safety in the workplace